Thursday, March 18, 2010

sauteéd veggies with truffle oil

Here's a yummy side. I just ate probably about 4 servings worth for dinner, but it would be better as I side. In your good iron skillet, heat up a couple tbsp of olive oil.

Oh yeah.. the ingredient list.
olive oil
mushrooms, wiped clean and sliced
onion, chopped
kale, chopped
truffle oil

So - heat up the oil, toss in the mushrooms and onions. Cover. stir. cover. (5 minutes)
Add the garlic and kale. Probably some more olive oil. stir and cover again, until the kale is as cooked as you want it. Serve with a drizzle of truffle oil. mmmm.. enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. this looks yummy! I love stir-fried mushrooms but haven't been brave enough to try kale stir-fried yet...