Thursday, July 1, 2010

popsicle obsession

It all started because I live in an attic in Missouri, and it's July. Well, it was June when the obsession began, but that's beside the point. For some reason I just had a light bulb moment about how cool popsicles were and how creative one can be when making them. I know it's nothing new - but I had fun for a few days of only thinking about my future popsicle plans.

Lately I've been making popsicles in dixie cups with popsicle sticks, but I'm sure future posts will involve much more creative popsicle molds.

The popsicles you see in the picture are my super healthy and delicious "fudgesicle," "cantaloupe cream," and "lavender blackberry." I'll put up recipes next time - but for now, I just wanted you to get excited.


  1. Anna, there is a popsicle movement going on in NYC right now. I work in Chelsea Market and downstairs there is a place called People's Pops. I had the most delicious popsicle ever there- raspberry basil. The basil was a little weird ar first, but it grew on me. Try some herbs and tell me what you think.

  2. cool.. thanks taylor :) crazy that new new york thing is popsicles right now - and it's also weird to me that every 6-8 months new york has a new food they all focus on. don't you think?