Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my cousin Deb's

Here's the last post from my New York trip, at another great spot to dine.. my cousin Deb's. It's definitely an exclusive joint, so I had to call about 2 days ahead to make a reservation. :)

My diet (basically meat, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts & seeds) tends to freak hosts and hostesses out, if I'm coming over for dinner. Especially if I'm going over to a vegetarian friend's or family member's home. Deb had a great idea, which was to create a gourmet salad bar, so everyone in the family could create something delicious for their own mouths and digestive systems.

There were two bowls of greens, pre-dressed (but I can't remember the dressing.. Melissa?) One of spinach and the other for people who don't like spinach. There was a bowl of cherry tomatoes, a bowl of sliced avocados, slices of red onion, sliced grilled bell peppers, roasted cauliflower (I took more than my fair share of this one), raw peppers, and raw cauliflower, radishes, four different kinds of cheeses, hard boiled eggs, sun dried tomatoes, green olives, black olives, and chickpeas..

Thanks Deb! It was fun, delicious, and most of all, full of love.


  1. Mmm that is a wonderful idea! I want to set one up just for myself :)

  2. The dressing was a basalmic vinaigrette with mustard and garlic. I had some already made and Benjamin added to it.