Wednesday, July 7, 2010

more spring rolls! in the summer... + mint dipping sauce

My 10 year old cousin and I had a sleep over last night.. and we cooked and ate and cooked and ate.. we counted the number of times I had to clean a sink full of dishes. seven. Here's one of the things we made - amazing spring rolls with mint dipping sauce. We ate so many of them that we each got a belly ache, and couldn't even think about making dessert. They were that good.

This meal is as entertaining as going to one of those fancy restaurants where they cook right in front of you.. Everything is hands on, and all age friendly. It even caters to people with different food allergies because you can have different bowls filled with separate ingredients for people to try. I hope you try these - or make your own version of these healthy spring rolls :)

First we prepared all our different fillings:
-grated carrots, onion, and zucchini with little broccoli trees - all sautéed (in Mary's Oil Blend
) which is equal parts coconut, olive, and sesame oil) with garlic and fresh ginger
-sautéed slices of mushrooms (in Mary's Oil Blend)
-lettuce, chopped
-green onions, chopped
-rice or mung bean noodles
for these, soak in hot water for 3 minutes, then rinse and strain
-rice paper

Here's a super helpful video on how to roll spring rolls like a pro.

For the mint dipping sauce, mix:
1/4 cup mint leaves, ribboned or chopped
1/4 cup coconut aminos (or soy sauce)
3 tbsp lemon juice (or the juice of 1 lemon)
1 tsp honey


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