Friday, July 16, 2010

jews don't go camping, but I tried (a swordfish kabob recipe)

I just went on a camping trip.. just a short 2 night-er, and only a 3 hour car ride away. Lets just say, it didn't go like we planned. First we couldn't find our campsite.. and drove around lost for an hour (in the pouring rain). By the time we found it, it was getting dark, and had just stopped pouring, so we had to set up in a dark drizzle. I was prepared for a gourmet camping experience, so there was a lot of food prep to be done - well, it wasn't actually a lot for what I'm used to, but it felt like it because I was outside of my comfort zone/kitchen.

On the second day we woke up to sunshine, and we set up a hammock, which was pretty much exactly how I imagine heaven. We went fishing, and fed the fish instead of ourselves.. then went for a walk in a different part of the campground. Across the bridge came wandering toward me a little gray kitten.. and then another.. and then another! Some one had just dumped them there, I even saw the shady white van drive away. :( We had to take them with us, or they'd be tasty little owl snacks, so back to our campsite we went.

Then the temperature dropped.. and the rain started coming down again. We tried to stick it out - eating our roasted veggies under a little covering.. but the rain started coming at us from all directions, so we snatched up the kittens and all sat in the car playing rummikub for an hour. When it looked like it would never stop pre-tornado style pouring (which of course it did soon after), we left for a motel. We hid the kittens in the bathtub for the night, and got as many phone numbers for animal shelters in the area. Turns out kittens get dumped all the time in those parts, and no one wanted any. :(

The next day, we cleaned up our poor post-storm camp site, and took the kittens with us all the way home. I set them up in a tent in the shade on my downstairs neighbor's front porch, and tried to keep them happy for two more days. Then thanks to craigslist, I found a family with two little girls, who happily took them off my hands. I must say, that I miss them a little bit, but it's nice to have my life back, with one less responsibility. Ready for the photos? Keep scrolling down for the mouthwatering swordfish kabob recipe.

Swordfish kabob recipe:
I'm not sure is swordfish is one of those sustainable, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified, kinds of fish.. But incase it's not - I don't eat it that often. Maybe once a year. But now that I know how deliscious this is.. it may be hard to wait another year. Anyone know about swordfish? Is it ok? Ok. Here's the recipe already.

2 tbsp honey
1 cup dry white wine
1-2 lbs swordfish steaks
cherry, or mini pear tomatoes
1 bell pepper, color of your choosing, seeded and cut into 1" squares
1 small red onion, cut into 1" chunks
as many mushrooms as your want (don't be shy)
olive oil (or oil blend - of coconut, olive, and sesame) for brushing over kabobs
salt and pepper
long wooden skewers, soaked in water for 20 minutes (or metal skewers)

Prep fire or preheat gas grill. Mix the honey and wine in a bowl. Cut the fish into 1.5" cubes and add to the bowl, turn, coat, and let stand at room temp for 20 minutes. (Make sure to soak the wooden skewers at this time too).

Then drain the fish. To make the kabobs, alternate threading the tomatoes, peppers, onion, mushrooms, and fish. Brush the threaded kabob with oil, then top with salt and pepper.

Place kabobs on grill, over direct heat and cook.. turning occasionally, until the fish is opaque all the way through. Enjoy!!

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