Saturday, April 10, 2010

why do your walnuts taste so good?

A friend asked me this question when I shared some with her during our personal finance class. Here's the answer..

I soak all my nuts in salt water, then dehydrate them. This removes the tannins, so there is no longer a bitter aftertaste, and it also releases enzyme inhibitors, so you get all the nutritional benefit of the nut.

Different nuts need different lengths of time to soak.. the more dense the nut, the more time needed. There are many different websites explaining different lengths of time.. here's one helpful and information-ful web page. Kimi, from the Nourishing Gourmet also talks about soaking nuts.

To make delicious walnuts.. use this ratio:

4 cups of nuts
2 teaspoons sea salt
filtered water

Soaking time: 7 or more hours (can do overnight)
Dehydrating time: 12-24 hours, until completely dry and crisp.

Walnuts are susceptible to becoming rancid so they should always be stored in the refrigerator.


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