Friday, October 2, 2009

watching the seasons change.. in my kitchen.

The coconut oil is solid again, and that means it's below 75 degrees in my kitchen. It's actually about 65 right now.. but I didn't think to write about coconut oil until today.

I learned about using coconut oil a number of months ago.. I use it to replace butter, I use it as a lotion for my skin (well, I did - until the summer mosquitoes came).. and I think it was when I started reading food blogs that I came to see it as a normal kitchen item. It's so normal now, that I buy it in bulk.

Here's a website with a LOT of information about coconut oil.. I know you can google too - but this saves you the step.

Sorry for the short blog today.. but I'm going out of town again.. I promise to add a new recipe soon.

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