Monday, October 19, 2009

pocket sized patty pan pie day

On my way home from school today.. I was thinking of what I have in my kitchen that needs using up. I had a patty pan squash left from the end of summer.. and it was getting a little less than hard. So I decided to make cupcake sized pies. Because cupcake size everything is better.
Now, I am from California. We don't make pies. But I live in Missouri now, and it is time for a change. This was my first time, and on top of that - it needed to be gluten, sugar, egg, dairy, and soy free.
Here's a picture of my magical bottomless sink of dirty dishes. Which, I admit - is my fault. sigh..

Mystery pies in the oven. . . . . . . .
After 50 minutes, I took the pan outside to cool.. just like they do in country films and pictures. That's all I'm going off of here!

So .. I learned today that the crust needs to be a little sweeter, it needs to hold together a little better, and it needs to be a little thinner. Otherwise, the insides were delicious, and I ate 3.. before I could even bring them inside.

I'm not going to put the recipe down just yet.. I'll wait until I perfect the crust. (soon)
Just seeing who is actually following this blog :) I hope you're not too bummed.


  1. Anna, do you remember me? This blog is fantastic, I'm definitely going to make some of these recipes. Just thought I'd say hello and link you to my music myspace because when I was a freshman in high school, I just ADORED your playing. :)

    I hope you're doing well.

  2. hey brittany!
    i'm listening to your music right now!
    i don't know if you knew that i came out with another cd a year ago..
    you can listen to it on - just type in Anna & the X's in google.
    Or you can listen to pieces of songs on my website -

    keep up the music and enjoy cooking!

  3. just happened on your blog! and the timing couldn't be better. i am so very interested in really re-vamping my diet to be whole foods. am desperate for this recipe! looks sublime. hope you perfect it soon :)

  4. Thanks Alfie - ALF are my initials.. so you have a pretty awesome profile name. It may seem scary to change your whole diet in the beginning.. I did it less than a year ago. And the more I learned, the more I changed - I'd say I'm on diet - take 5 right now. Anyway, there are so many bloggers out there to help you - scroll down through my recipes, and check out the blogs I have posted as well - and have fun! The market will seem to tripple in size, now that you are looking for totally different items. And if it doesnt, then it's probably time to find your local health food store.

  5. thanks for the advice! i can't wait to start seeing what's out there! blog land is such a fabulous place of inspiration! there are a lot of health food stores near me-- so i have plenty of tangible resources, as well!!

    ALF are my initals too! i used to think i was so cool when the tv show "ALF" was popular. of course i still am. and apparently--so are you :) :)