Monday, October 26, 2009

Hunt + Gather - the new diet.. for now.

So.. I'll just put it out there.
I have digestive.. issues. problems. uncomfortableness. sadness. Whatever you'd like to call it.
And many people do - but it's no fun to talk about.. so it can get to be a lonely disease. It doesn't get much press, I haven't heard of people walking for my cause. All I do see - are people going out to eat things that I can't.

This past year I read Jordan Rubin's book called Restoring Your Digestive Health, and it literally changed my life. At first, coming from a conventional diet - I thought he was totally extreme, and that I'd never be able to live in the way he was describing. But month after month, I found that I was doing and eating more of the things he was talking about - until I finally decided enough was enough with this digestive disorder - I was going to heal myself.

So - I managed my way through his "Guts and Glory" program which consisted of chicken soup, water with clay, and anti-inflammatory supplements.. but that was no fun. I did get better however, so - I need to give Jordan Rubin some props.

Also in the book he puts food in 4 categories, the "good," "not so bad," "bad," and the "ugly." Cute, huh?
So - instead of a diet of chicken soup - I'm going to stick to his "good" list. These are the foods that are easiest to digest because the human race has been digesting them from the time we came about. It's the hunter/gatherer diet. When I'm well again, I'll slowly work foods back in that were starting to appear in the human diet once pastoralism and horticulture appeared .. but I think this is going to work for now.

Here's the "good" list: (the edited version) - organic is a given

-organic meat and fowl. (grass fed)
-game (venison, buffalo, elk)


-fish with fins and scales

-organ meat (liver, heart)

-raw goat milk butter

-coconut oil
-olive oil

-flax seed, cod liver, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, and hazel nut oils
-water packed olives, coconut, avocado

-cultured goat milk products like yogurt, creme bulgare, and kefir cultured for 30+ hours


-raw, frozen, cooked vegetables
-unpasteurized fermented vegetables

-raw vegetable juices

-fresh, frozen or cooked fruits. Limit intake to 2 or 3 pieces a day

-raw honey (use moderately)

Nuts and Seeds:

-organic nuts and seeds, soaked or sprouted.
-nut and seed butters and flours.


-filtered, non-carbonated, high-mineral or catalyst altered water.

-meat stocks and vegetable broths
-raw vegetable juices
-lacto-fermented beverages


-celtic sea salt and herbamare
-lacto-fermented sauces and condiments
-raw, homemade salsa and guac
-homemade salad dressings
-apple cider vinegar
-herbs and spices

All the recipes until I'm well will be fitting to the Hunt + Gather diet.. I'm going to have fun with it, and you can too.. Heck.. I might even go out to a restaurant and celebrate. (by driving my server insane)

May health be with you, and check back soon!


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  1. :) i'm happy i have your "good" list right on hand & posted up on the fridge!
    also, i really hope you can make it to the halloween party :)