Monday, December 14, 2009

a paleo's dinner plate (and paper writing procrastination)

I'm not sure if I was hungry, or if I just didn't want to write my final paper.. (it's finals week for those of you who aren't in school..) I'm guessing both.

Dinner tonight:
Steamed broccoli, green beans, and kale with chicken (leftover from the stock) & topped with a sweet and sour sauce. Yes... A store bought sauce (it's finals week!).. but all the ingredients were kosher.

It's the next day.. I'm editing this post to include my paper, because I wrote it on the subject of chicken soup. Yes! I finished it. It was my final art history assignment, and the project was to prepare a PBS documentary on American visual culture.. The main part of the assignment was to include 5 items from at least three different generations of time, for the documentary to follow. If you feel like reading a 9 page paper, click here... ha. I accidentally wrote "cluck here" ... I should have left it because it was such an awesome typo. Speaking of typos.. don't mind the few in the paper. I just found them, but have already turned it in :( oops.

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